giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

Silenzi dolorosi

We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Ricorderemo non le parole dei nostri nemici, ma il silenzio dei nostri amici.

Martin Luther King [1929 - 1968]

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  1. Non è cosi facile. A volte, nella tua vita, devi fare compromessi e c'è questo sentimento di vergogna....

    One of the great motifs in art and thought is a certain "shame of being a man" Primo Levi is that writer and artist who has stated this most profoundly. He was able to speak of this shame that he wrote following his return from the Nazi death camps. Levi said that when he was freed, the dominant feeling was one of shame of being a man...this phrase does not mean certain stupidities that some people might like to attribute to it. It does not mean that we are all assassins, that we are all guilty of Nazism. Levi says that it doesn't mean that the executioners and the victims are all the same, we should not be made to believe does not mean we are all the same, or that we are all compromised. It means several things...

    It means at once how could some humans, others than me -- do that? And second, how have I myself nonetheless taken sides? this does not mean one has become an executioner, but still one took sides in order to have survived, and there is a certain shame in having survived in the place of friends who did not the basis of all art, there is this very strong feeling of shame of being a man that results in art consisting of liberating the life that humans have imprisoned....

    ...the shame of being a man, not in the grandiose sense of Primo Levi. If one dares to say something of this sort, for each of us in daily life there are minuscule events that inspire in us this shame of being a man. We witness a scene in which someone has really been too vulgar, we don't make a big thing of it, but we are upset, upset for the other, and for oneself because we seem to support this, in almost a kind of compromise. But if we protest, saying what you're saying is base, shameful, we make a big drama out of it, and we're caught. While it doesn't at all compare with Auschwitz, we feel even on this minuscule level a small shame of being a man. (Gilles Deleuze)

  2. teseas@yahoo.it22 ottobre 2010 22:26

    Non tutti hanno il coraggio di parlare. E il coraggio, come è noto, 'uno non può darselo da solo, se non ce l'ha'.

  3. ciao Alex e Tesea,

    rispondo collettivamente, visto che concordate sulla tesi della difficoltà - talora - di parlare. Certo che è così. Spesso le parole, quando non sono compiacenti, fanno male, più di un silenzio. Ci vuole coraggio a parlare. Per questo chi ce l'ha talvolta viene apprezzato, talaltra magari no.

    E Martin Luther King parlava dei silenzi di chi tace di fronte all'ingiustizia, alla prepotenza, alla cattiveria. Tanto più è difficile parlare, tanto più meritorio è farlo.

    Grazie delle visite e dei commenti, a presto,